The Australian Finn (Finnish Landrace) breed is of northern European origin with the base Australian flock being descendants of the original importation into New Zealand in 1986. The Finn was first available in Australia in 1993.

It is renowned worldwide for its productivity as a crossbreed ewe. This increased productivity is a result of the breeds: high levels of fertility and fecundity, the resultant heterosis, in addition to its leanness and strong maternal traits.

The ability of the Finn purebred to transmit its productive traits to Finn cross progeny is remarkable. As maternal sires for first cross ewes, the Finn/Merino is a most productive dam for prime lamb production, having a high lambing percentage, super lean meat with efficiency of food conversion.

Finn wool is fine, white, soft and lustrous and highly sought for the handcraft market. Finn/Merino cross wool will surprise you for its length, luster and softness while retaining its fineness of 20 - 28m.

Distinctive features are the natural poll on a plain-bodied sheep, bare points and short tail with a clean breach.

Breed Contact:
Australian Finnsheep Breeders Association Inc.
Secretary: Mrs Lucy Edwards
Address: PO Box 368, Creswick Vic 3363.
Phone: 03 5345 6169