The Cheviot is an alert, active, stylish sheep with distinctive wool, free face and legs. Originating in the bare wind swept Cheviot Hills, on the border between England and Scotland, it was recognised as a hardy sheep as early as the 14th Century.

It is primarily a hill country sheep, being an excellent forager and survivor of bleak conditions.

Cheviot wool is used in the manufacture of durable tweeds, and being in between the long wool and short wool breeds in length and handle, is also used in hand knitting wool.

Being an old established breed recognised as early as 1372, it has been claimed that both the Texel and Border Leicester, carry early infusions of Cheviot blood.

Breed Contact:
Cheviot Sheepbreeders' Association of Australia
Secretary: Mr. Peter Simpson
Address: 'Chain Gate' RMB 404 Oura Road, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone: 02 6921 1271