The outstanding characteristic of the Dorset Horn is the ability of the ewes to breed at almost any season of the year. In this respect the Dorset Horn is unique as far as British Breeds are concerned.

Although an old established breed, the first flock book was not published until 1892. Since then they have spread widely throughout Australia and other parts of the world.

Both rams and ewes are horned, the ram having very large horns curling forward and coming very close to the cheeks. They are the only British Breed which do not have black nostrils and black feet, the noses being pink and the feet horn coloured.

They are the main breed from which the Poll Dorset was derived - an Australian breed. There are now 28 registered Dorset Horn flocks in Australia.

Breed Contact:
The Australian Dorset Horn Breeders Association
Secretary: Mrs. Janet MacDonald
Address: 'Fairburn' 1014 Porcupine Ridge Road, Porcupine Ridge Vic 3461
Phone: 03 5348 7630, Fax: 03 5348 7630