The East Friesian Ram is long, bold and alert and of robust character. The Ewe is of bright appearance with feminine characteristics.
Their head is polled with an open white face which is long, bold and alert. The mouth is even, with a well set jaw with teeth meeting in a wide pad with firm bite. The ears are long and positioned at the side of the head in a horizontal position. The neck, moulding into the shoulders, finger towards the head and such that the sheep can hold its head in an alert position. Shoulder blades should be slightly lower than the spine and sloping away to a smooth setting without excessive movement when walking. The Back and loin are broad, long and straight with well sprung ribs. The tail area is to be free of wool, tail well set up and almost level with the topline. Legs are of strong bone and squarely set under, well apart, giving an evenly balanced appearance, pasterns well set up and strong. The hindquarter is broad, square and deep and well muscled. They have even wool with a good fleece weight, free from kemp.

Breed Contact:
Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd
Secretary: Karen Bond