The first English Flocks of Hampshire Down were established about 1860, the first flock book being published in 1890.

Hampshires have distinctive markings of rich brown face, eyes, ears, knees, and around the tail, against a white wool body.

They are noted as sires that produce fast growing and early maturing prime lambs. An experiment in England once produced three drops of lambs within 13 months, claiming prolifacy and fertility of the breed.

They are reputed to have an ability to withstand great variation in climatic conditions from below zero to tropical heat, and have found favour in many countries throughout the world.

Wool is typical down type averaging 90mm in length and 26 microns.

Breed Contact:
Australian Hampshire Down Breeders Association
Secretary: Mathew Hill
Address: 868 Horsham-Wal Wal Road, St Helens Plains Vic 3401
Phone: 03 5384 3202; 0488 159 853
E-mail: info@aushampshiredown.com
ebsite: www.aushampshiredown.com