The Ryeland takes its name from that part of South Herefordshire, known as Archenfield where the soil of the rye-lands are ideally suited to the growing of rye.

In the 16th Century it became famous for its fine wool, although it can be identified to trace back to the 11th Century. The sheep developed with fluctuating fortunes into a breed of world wide significance. The Ryeland Flock Book Society was formed in 1903.

A breed of sheep that evolved naturally centuries ago, they came to Australia in 1919, and like so many other British breeds, have been bred to suit Australian conditions.

They are one of the breeds used to introduce the poll gene in the Australian Poll Dorset.

Wool is a fine down type.

The sheep are found throughout the world.

Breed Contact:
Ryeland Sheepbreeders Association of Australia
President: Mr. Steven French
Address: 'Glenalan' 183 Black Hills Road, Whitemore Tas 7303
Phone: 03 6397 3125

Web: https://www.ryelandsheep.org/