South Suffolk sheep owe their origins to the late Mr. George Gould, of Canterbury New Zealand, who was the first importer of Suffolk sheep into New Zealand, and who also owned a Southdown stud.

In 1929 Mr. Gould began crossing these breeds, then inbred their progeny.

Once the breed was established, rams were being sought after by prime lamb producers.

The New Zealand Sheepbreeders Association recognised the breed in 1940, and admitted it into their flock book. They were first imported into Australia in 1946. The breeders published their own flock book in 1959 and in 1973 The Australian Society of Breeders of British Sheep (now known as Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association) accepted the breed into their flock book.

Wool is a fine down type; 24-26 microns.

Breed Contacts:
The Australian South Suffolk Society


Secretary: Mr. Barry Shalders
Address: 98 Grassmere-Hexham Road, Grassmere Vic 3281
Phone: 0427 202 862


Contact: Mr. Kelvin Cronk
Address: PO Box 204, Junee NSW 2663
Phone: 02 6924 4286


Secretary: Mrs. Debbie Bingham
Address: 149 Playle Road, Williams WA 6391
Phone: 08 9885 1028