The range of grass covered chalk hills running East and West along the South East coast of England in Sussex and Kent, produced the Southdown over 500 years ago.

They came to Australia as early as the 1790's. Their reputation as a superior sire of prime lambs is well known, and up to 90% of New Zealands 'Canterbury Lamb' is produced by Southdown rams.

The wool is shorter, denser and finer (25-23 microns) than other downs breeds, and was used in England for fine wool suitings in the early days, prior to their importation of Merino wool for this purpose.

The lambs are noted for early maturity. Over recent years, breeders have developed a heavier and longer Southdown in order to compete with other downs breeds.

Breed Contact:
Southdown Australia Inc.
Secretary: Ms. Lyn Dehnert
Address: RMB 244 Swinglers Road, Invermay Vic 3352
Phone: 03 5338 7450, Mobile: 0422 184 920