The Wiltipoll is a new breed of sheep, recently developed in Australia from the Wiltshire Horn. It is a polled sheep that is bred for the production of prime lamb only. It's short white fleece is shed annually, from Spring to Summer, where it falls to the ground and is of no commercial value.

The advantages of the Wiltipoll are that their resources are directed towards the production of meat and milk - not wool, that costs are cut dramatically, and that there is no need for shearing, crutching, jetting, dipping or mulesing. These sheep are fly and lice resistant and therefore need no chemical treatment.

The hardy and adaptable Wiltipoll breed have been developed with a view to the production of heavy, prime lamb in marginal areas and more specifically in pastoral country where they thrive on rough, scrubby feed. Wiltipolls produce quality, excellent tasting, lean lamb.

Breed Contact:
Wiltipoll Stud Breeders Australia

Secretary: Beverley-Anne Lea
E-mail: wsba1996@gmail.com