Wiltshire Horn sheep are the first of the new breeds of meat sheep in Australia to have features demanded by the modern prime lamb industry - leanness, muscling, large frame, high fertility.

The rams are used in successful cross-breeding with many other breeds including Merino, Perendale, Dorper, Suffolk and Border Leicester. Wiltshire cross lambs have performed extremely well in carcase competitions and in the sale yards.

The breed is strong and hardy, will do well in poor country, and has thrived from Southern Tasmania to Queensland to south west Australia, from cold to tropics and from high rainfall areas to desert. In many areas of climatic extremes Wiltshires are the first sheep that have been successfully introduced.

The breed has intelligence and good temperament and the ewes are extremely good mothers, easily raising triplets (which are common). Because the sheep shed their wool they are very easy care and production costs are low. Their breed features also make them ideal for the family farm.

Attention to breeding in recent years has continued to improve breed characteristics.

Breed Contact:
Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association Inc
Secretary: Mr. Jason O'Loghlin
Address: 2714 Moonee Swamp Road, Deniliquin NSW 2710
Phone: 0429 024 261
Email: hello@wiltshirehornaustralia.com.au
Web: www.wiltshirehornaustralia.com.au